Building a Fair and Equitable California for All.
Opposing Trump’s Policies.

Single-Payer ‘Medicare for All’

Health care is not a commodity. Healthy California Act, SB 562, will ensure we all get the healthcare we need, when we need it, with the provider of our choice. No more insurance premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. Workers and government will save billions each year. Private Insurance and Big Pharma want to kill it. Corporate-controlled legislators are stalling it. Let’s fight for it!

Free College California

California needs to offer its residents tuition-free attendance at public four-year colleges, universities and community colleges. Community college students need to be included in scholarships, and students from families with fewer resources should get more, not less as currently proposed by some Legislators in Sacramento. Free College, No debt!

Split-Roll Proposition 13 Reform

Our schools used to be top in the nation. The corporate abuse of Proposition 13 sent CA schools to the bottom. Prop 13 is good to protect seniors and folks on fixed incomes, but multi-billion dollar companies like Chevron should not take advantage of it. Corporations are not people. Let’s close the corporate loopholes!

No-Fracking in California

To frack, the oil companies use 80 billion gallons a year of our scarce California water and they pump their waste, containing many cancer-causing chemicals, into protected aquifers supplying drinking water. Ten counties and our ocean are already suffering the consequences. We don’t need fracking, ban it!