If there was anything that my battles in Richmond have taught me it is this: to bring real change we must unite behind our shared values, vision, and policy. We must put people before party, and the only way to do that is to focus on what will make a real difference for the 99%.

The changes that will make this difference for the 99% are very clear. We must bring living wages to working families, we must invest in every level of education from universal pre-K to tuition-free college, we must make healthcare a right for everyone and make housing accessible and affordable. These core issues are at the center of my platform, with many others, and are a large part of why my campaign has been gaining so much support from progressive organizations all across the state.

Running as a No Party Preference, corporate-free candidate, means that I actually have to earn every vote and endorsement. I don’t get the traditional automatic support that comes with the letter D next to my name and don’t have corporate donors pulling strings for me.  But this is not a loss, because I can actually talk about and fight for REAL change. I can continue to take on Chevron and other corporate bullies, because they don’t own me. Instead I am supported by the exact group I am supposed to represent – YOU. While this seems radical to many who hold office in Sacramento, I think it is what democracy is supposed to look like. And I am inspired by all the support and energy this principle has brought to our campaign over the last few months!

From day one my campaign has been an organizing campaign, and I have found that every group I meet with, whether it’s an Our Revolution chapter, a Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) group or a Green Party chapter, I quickly find a sense of unity behind the vision our campaign presents.

I’m just about to head out from Richmond for another trip through Southern California to meet with local organizers and hold a Los Angeles barnstorm event in our continued signature-gathering drive. Your support is what makes this campaign for the people possible. As you are able, will you dig deep today and join me with a donation of $45, $99, or even $270 to fund the next week of organizing in Southern California?

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