I would be honored to have you join these supporters

It is my privilege to participate in this effort, and I will continue to do this important outreach work in the coming years, presenting the Richmond Progressive Model, and sharing our experience to encourage others to do it as well.

Plus these California chapters:

East Bay DSA
Fresno DSA
Los Angeles DSA
Orange County DSA
Pomona Valley DSA
Sacramento DSA
San Diego DSA
San Francisco DSA
San Francisco Peninsula DSA
San Jose DSA
Silicon Valley DSA
Ventura County DSA

Green Party of California
Green Party of Alameda County
Green Party of Contra Costa
Green Party of Humboldt County
Green Party of Marin County
Green Party of Riverside County
Green Party of San Diego
Green Party of Santa Clara County
Green Party of San Francisco
Green Party of Solano County
Green Party of Ventura County
Green Party of Yolo County
Humboldt State University Greens

California’s Feminist Socialist Political Party





*Individuals’ affiliations below included for identification purposes only


Our Revolution National
Our Revolution Alameda Progressives
Our Revolution Conejo Valley
Our Revolution Costa Mesa
Our Revolution Contra Costa
Our Revolution Cupertino De Anza Political Revolution
Our Revolution Democracy Project LA
Our Revolution East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area)
Our Revolution F.U.N. Progressives (Fremont, Union City, Newark)
Our Revolution Gold Coast
Our Revolution Humboldt (Courageous Resistance of Humboldt)
Our Revolution Indian Rock
Our Revolution Inland Empire
Our Revolution Lake County
Our Revolution Long Beach
Our Revolution Los Angeles Greens
Our Revolution Monterey County
Our Revolution Mountain View (NorCal4OurRevolution)
Our Revolution North Bay (Petaluma-Sonoma)
Our Revolution North County San Diego
Our Revolution Richmond (Richmond Progressive Alliance)
Our Revolution Riverside
Our Revolution San Clemente
Our Revolution San Francisco (SF Berniecrats)
Our Revolution San Joaquin County
Our Revolution San Jose (Democratic Socialists of America chapter)
Our Revolution San Leandro
Our Revolution Santa Clarita Valley
Our Revolution Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz for Bernie)
Our Revolution Santa Maria Progressives
Our Revolution Silicon Valley (Democratic Socialists of America chapter)
Our Revolution South Bay Los Angeles
Our Revolution UC Berkeley (Progressive Student Association for Bernie)
Our Revolution Ventura County
Our Revolution Watsonville
Our Revolution West Marin
Our Revolution West San Fernando Valley
Our Revolution Whittier for Bernie Sanders & Our Revolution
Our Revolution Yolo County Progressives

Other organizations

National Union of Healthcare Workers 
Justice Party of California
SF Community College District Federation of Teachers, Local 2121
United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America Western Region
North Coast People’s Alliance
California for Bernie Sanders 2020
Women For Justice
Southern District of California Community Coalition
The New Progressives of Del Norte
Ventura County Activists for Bernie Sanders 2020 #OurRevolution
South Bay Progressive Alliance
Pinole Progressive Alliance
Public Bank LA
San Diego Progressive Alliance
Revolution Funding
Delegates and Friends for Bernie 2016
Socialist Alternative
Movement for a People’s Party
Pacifica Progressive Alliance
San Francisco Bay Guardian
San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters
San Francisco for Democracy
Americans for Democratic Action Southern California

Ralph Nader
Consumer Advocate, Environmentalist

Tom Ammiano
Tom Ammiano
Former member of the California State Assembly, Legislative LGBT Caucus, and SF Board of Supervisors

Matt Gonzalez
San Francisco Board of Supervisors, 2001 – 2005

David Zuckerman
David Zuckerman
Lt. Governor of Vermont

Winnie Wong,
Co-founder, People for Bernie Sanders

Jimmy Dore,
The Jimmy Dore Show

Bill McKibben,
Author, Educator, Environmentalist, and Co-founder of 350.org


Norman Soloman,
Co-Founder and National Coordinator, RootsAction.org

Heidi Harmon
Heidi Harmon
Mayor, San Luis Obispo

John Avalos,
Frmr. Supervisor, San Francisco District 11

Kate Harrison
Kate Harrison
Berkeley City Council

Jesse Arreguin
Mayor, City of Berkeley

David Hildebrand
David Hildebrand
California Senate Candidate

Melvin Willis
Melvin Willis
Richmond City Councilman

Ben Choi
Ben Choi
Richmond City Council

Whitney Dotson
Whitney Dotson
Board Member, East Bay Regional Parks

Jovanka Beckles
Richmond City Council

Amy Martenson
Amy Martenson
Napa Valley College Trustee

Shawnee Badger
Shawnee Badger
Former Bernie delegate 


Eduardo Martinez
Council Member, Richmond

Geoff Ellsworth
Council member, St. Helena

Leah Simon-Weisburg
Leah Simon-Weisburg
Elected Commissioner of Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board and Tenants’ Attorney

Kriss Worthington
Kriss Worthington
Berkeley City Councilmember

Alejandro Soto-Vigil
Alejandro Soto-Vigil
City of Berkeley Rent Board Commissioner

Phoenix Goodman
Phoenix Goodman
Co-Founder and Economic Advisor for Revolution LA and Divest LA. Co-Founder Public Bank LA.

Margot Smith
Margot Smith Dr.Ph
Therapists for Single Payer

Caney Arnold
Caney Arnold,
Candidate for CA State Assembly District 66
Harbor City, LA CA

Gus Newport
Former Mayor of Berkeley

Stephen R. Jaffe,
Candidate for 12th Congressional District of California

Ruscal Cayangyang
Ruscal Cayangyang
Vallejo School Board Member

Vinnie Bacon
Vinnie Bacon
Fremont City Council

Ada Recinos
Richmond City Council


Deirdre Martin
Pacifica City Council

Elaine Brown,
Chair of the Black Panther Party (1974-1977), American prison activist, writer, singer

Nick Brana
Founder and Director, Movement for a People’s Party


Courtney Cummings
Native American organizer, Richmond

Felipe Hernandez
Watsonville City Council

Morella Camejo
Wife of the late social activist and former gubernatorial candidate, Peter Camejo

Preston Picus
Independent candidate for CA-12, 2016

Dan Siegel,
Civil Rights Attorney, specializing in Employment and Labor Law


Stephen R. Jaffe
Candidate for 12th Congressional District of California

“It is unusual to be truly inspired by a political candidate. Bernie Sanders was such an inspirational leader. So is Gayle McLaughlin. As former mayor of the City of Richmond, Gayle fearlessly took on Chevron, a giant global corporation in Richmond, dramatically reduced crimes in the City and showed how her genuinely progressive policies and values successfully worked for the benefit of its citizens. As Lieutenant Governor, Gayle will bring her experience and wisdom to that office and continue to be a leader of the growing progressive movement in California. I am honored to enthusiastically endorse Gayle as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2018.​”

Linda Schneider
Self-Sustaining Communities, Richmond

“She supports humanity and the environment. Her judgment is sound.”

Robert S. Jaret Esq. Jaret & Jaret

“Gayle is for the people honest reasonable and gets things done! She will represent all Californians well!”

Dolores Helman, BFUU, SJC , Berkeley

“She is most competent.”

Maya Elashi, Oakland

“Though I live in Oakland I have been extremely impressed by Gayle’s progressive and effective accomplishments as Mayor of Richmond. And in her collaboration with The Richmond Progressive Alliance ‘taking on’ Chevron and successfully making Richmond responsive to its citizenry. Their efforts made the whole country take note that representatives can and do represent the people ~ Hope for the (otherWise) HopeLess! ”

Karen Sarrow, Encino

“She supports SB562 and economic justice issues.”

Julie Trager
Our Revolution North County San Diego, La Jolla

“She has made a commitment to run a corporate-free campaign; she has had innumerable successes passing progressive legislation as the Mayor of Richmond that put people over profit; she continues to share her proven strategies of organizing and galvanizing a grass roots movement even as she campaigns; and finally if elected as a corporate-free Lt. Governor she will be free to make decisions based on the welfare of everyday California citizens not big donors to her campaign.”

Ann Menasche, San Diego

“She is a different brand of politician not beholden to corporate interests but to the ordinary people who elected her.”

Karen Osmundson
Cesar Chavez Democratic Club, Watsonville

“I am an elected official for the Pajaro Valley Unified School District School Board more than 20 000 students”

Joan Esclamado, Grass Valley

“Progressive!! Honesty and justice!!”

James Vann, Oakland

“Gayle is a proven game-changer totally committed totally accountable totally progressive Gayle gets things done — the right things!”

Johanna Ferman, Kensington CA

“Gayle has been an unwaivering beacon of integrity FOR the 99% of us — specifically in RIchmond demonstrating a combination of political guts and savvy in navigating on behalf of a community that had been pushed aside for decades by the large oil interests. She knows how to bring people and interest groups together to build a sound future. We need to take this ‘can do’ to the whole of California!!”

Penny Rosenwasser, Oakland

“I love that Gayle has such courage boldness integrity chutzpah — she has fought hard for so many issues I believe in against big odds and won! Dr. Penny Rosenwasser author Hope into Practice Jewish women choosing justice despite our fears”

Laura Nakamura, Concord

“I applaud the work she has done in Richmond and her refusal to accept corporate funding. Go Gayle!”

Yvonne Helms,
SLO County Progressives, Atascadero

“For her Progressive platform and years of experience.”

Jon Gilgoff, Oakland

“She represents the policies and values that I think can help transform our state to be more just and equitable. ”

Frank Valenzuela,
Former mayor, City of Hollister, 1964

Virginia Tibbetts,
Retired teacher

Peg Wielandt, San Joaquin Our Revolution


Colin Murphy, Oakland


Maria Marroquin, Mountain View



William Hewes, Simi Valley


Preeti Shekar, Oakland

Alison Flemings Buliavac, member of FUN Progressives
(Fremont, Union City, and Newark)


Jesse Arreguin, Mayor, City of Berkeley

“Gayle, I am happy to endorse you for California Lieutenant Governor. Thank you for running and carrying the progressive message statewide.”

Marianne Robinson, Berkeley

“I’m impressed by the work you have done in the Richmond area and I’m sure your campaign in other areas will encourage and strengthen progressive campaigns in California.”


Frank Egger, former Fairfax mayor and California’s first Prop 20 Coastal Commissioner serving from 1972-1981.


Nancy Combs, Richmond, California

“We need politicians like Gayle who care about ordinary people over coorupt corporations. She’s smart and works for what’s good for the community.”

Joy Marie Mann (aka Savage Joy), social media host on Real Progressives

“I have interviewed her on my show, (Real Progressives) twice and I know, she is definitely for we, the people! I’ve interviewed almost 80 candidates and I can count on one hand, how many I’ve personally endorsed. Gayle is one of them, because when I listen to her, I wish I were in California. She is inspiring. I have no doubt that she can take what she has done in Richmond and expand that success to cover, all of California. Gayle is the epitome of a true Berniecrat!”

Melissa Murphy, El Cerrito

“A true progressive who is effective and has genuine integrity. ”

Larry Bragman, Marin Water Board

“Thanks for your courage and energy.”

Jan Schilling, Richmond

“She has done excellent things for Richmond–including supporting our non-profit Weigh of Life with aerobic exercise and nutrition classes for low income ethnically diverse populations. She has also supported Rent Control and was a strong proponent for a soda tax when Richmond was the first city in the country to have that on the ballot!”

Jeanne Kortz, Richmond

“She is one the most honest politicians in the United States. She doesn’t take corporate money and is not beholden to large corporations. She works for me and for you because she doesn’t take campaign donations from the fossil fuel industry the pharmaceutical industry the banks and other corporations . She helped turn the city of Richmond into a much more desirable city and made it one of the most progressive cities in the country. She works hard is tireless and is very dedicated to doing what is best for working people. She cares about the environment she want’s to build more low income housing so people can afford to live in California and she was instrumental in helping to pass rent control in Richmond which allows low income people to stay in their homes. I wholeheartedly endorse Gayle McLaughlin. She will make the best Lt. Governor for the State of California!”

Pat Bolster, New Zealand

“I am now living thousands of miles away but Gayle’s achievements in Richmond are inspiring.”

James Odling, Los Angeles

“Gayle and the Richmond Progressive Alliance show that people can break and even stop corporate control of local government. and implement policies that benefit all of us. Californians will learn more about her work because of the statewide campaign. I am a member retired of Firefighters Local 1014.”

Jennifer Brass, Richmond

“I support Gayle because she speaks for me and isn’t afraid to speak truth to power. ”

Heather -Ribbs, San Jose

“She has progressive ideas for the 21st century. She cares about working people and the middle class and under-represented people who don’t have lobbyists to fight for them.”

Nancy Schimmel, Berkeley

“She really means it about protecting the environment.”

Susan Elizabeth Vaughan, San Francisco

“I support this platform. I would add: 1) Repeal of the Ellis Act and Costa Hawkins; and 2) Repeal or amendment of the Legislative Open Records Act which is a misnomer — LORA protects the communications of state lawmakers with lobbyists and others. Those communications need to be sunshined”

Julie Zafiratos,
SLO Progressives, Morro Bay CA

“She has a clear and pragmatic progressive strategy that works – we need more leaders like Gayle”

Genny Zentella
Alliance of California for Community Empowerment,
San Pablo

“I support Gayle because she fights for the interests of the community and for human rights and for justice and opposes special interests and corruption.”