The struggle for human rights and dignity never pauses. Today we celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day because everything we do builds on the work of our family who came before. We fight for human rights and dignity because that is justice!
In Richmond, where I have been mayor and a city councilor, the Chevron-Texaco refinery is a major element of our lives. We have sued Chevron over the many thousands of lives it has harmed in our community!
In 2013, I met with fellow community officials in Ecuador to witness damage to the rainforest caused by Chevron. The damage was unimaginable if you live in a state like California – these polluters had dumped billions of gallons of toxic wastewater into the rainforest, and more.

We must stand in solidarity. As California’s Lt. Governor, I will fight fracking and pollution in each and every one of our communities. I know so many of you stand with me! California must do more for its indigenous people, even if the federal government refuses to recognize them!

– Gayle