Today, September 21, 2017, is the Islamic New Year 1439. The word ‘Islam’ means ‘peace.’ I offer my warmest greetings and wishes of peace and prosperity to all our Muslim brothers and sisters around the globe

We are living in an era where the U.S. presidential administration is nurturing white supremacist nationalism, religious intolerance and racial hatred at home, and expanded support for oppression across the globe.

I join the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations and the American Muslims for Palestine in condemning the Neo-Nazi and racist groups promoting violence and division in our American society. I also condemn the illegal occupation of Palestine, the discrimination and attacks on Muslin communities everywhere, the U.S. supported war on the Yemeni people, and the recent escalating hostilities with Iran by the U.S. government.

Only with justice and accountability will peace for all be achieved. We must hold our own government and the government of Israel accountable for their violations of international law and the denials of Palestinian rights and the escalation of conflicts in the Middle East.

Today I salute and honor all the members of the Muslim community who in California and elsewhere stand and work for peace, human dignity, justice, freedom and human rights for all peoples.

Let’s create together a California that is an example to the world with people from every race, background, and faith enjoying together the fruits of our work and creativity, preserving the land, guaranteeing justice and equality, sharing our wealth, contributing to humans everywhere,

As-Salaam alei-kum, peace be with you!

– Gayle