A few days ago, I met with UC Berkeley students. The plans by the UC Board of Regents to raise tuition for students again was high among their concerns. I stated that this is exactly the opposite of what I stand for – free public college! I do not and I will not support tuition and fee hikes.

Students are rightfully outraged that the Board of Regents would consider raising tuition, considering that the​ Board has given significant raises to high-level administrators, and that last year’s audit shows it paying excessive salaries and mishandling funds, as well as hiding away $175 million in budget reserve funds.

I believe the UC Regents have an obligation to be strong advocates for students and to lobby the legislature for more money. Instead, under the board’s watch, California’s state legislature cut state funding per UC student by more the 50 percent, while leaving many corporate interests untouched and untaxed.

The mobilized students successfully were able to postpone the vote on the tuition until May. But they and all of us need to keep up the pressure, both on the Board of Regents and on the legislature.

As Lt. Governor I will fight to invest in our future and make public higher education tuition-free for all Californians. We can fund this initiative through taxing the highest income earners in the state. We need to start making the 1% and corporations pay their fair share. Being the only corporate free candidate in this race, I vow to always put our students ahead of corporate interests. When we invest in our future and in our state, we lift up our state!

We are building a serious movement to bring real change to California, and it is only possible because of your support. We are currently in the midst of our “Words for Gayle” campaign, trying to raise the $6,250 necessary to get a statement on the ballot in June. Each word is $25 a pop, and this statement allows us to show voters my campaign’s vision is a real alternative to the corporate status quo politics of Sacramento. The more people who hear about our fight for tuition-free college and healthcare as a right, the more people who will support us with their vote on June 5th. Can you join us and sponsor a word, or many, with your donation today?

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