2018 is going to be the year for corporate-free progressive power, because if there is anything 2017 showed us, it is that we can no longer allow a corporate stranglehold on our democracy. Last year, nearly every legislative action at the federal level — and some at the state — was bought and paid for by the 1% and corporate cash.

In the District of Corporations (D.C.) we saw the gutting of Net Neutrality and the passing of a extremely unpopular Tax Scam, which is the largest redistribution of wealth to the rich to date. We also saw multiple attacks on our healthcare, including the end of the CHIP program, massive deregulation of the EPA, all while the corporate puppets also increased the defense budget by $80 billion dollars annually. In addition, they have yet to take serious action to rebuild Puerto Rico. In California we saw the continued use of prison slave labor to fight fires, and our Democrat-controlled state government blocked SB 562 which would ensure healthcare for all. While these disastrous decisions vary in practice, they all have the same pattern: working and middle class families are robbed of every single crumb, while the entire loaf is handed to the rich and large corporations. Both of which are the biggest sponsors of our “representatives” every time they run for office.

So it is abundantly clear that if we want workers to have living wages, security and dignity, if we want healthcare as a right for all, if we want tuition-free university and affordable housing, we must get corporate cash out of our democracy. 2018 is our year to fix this broken system, and it can only happen if we have a massive wave of corporate-free progressive champions who will put people before profits, and finally bring some representation to the 99%!

That is the kind of campaign we are building and I cannot do this alone. I need your support to grow my campaign, so we can reach the hundreds of thousands of voters necessary to win this election. We know our values, our beliefs and our priorities are popular, we just need everyone to hear the message! So today I ask that you make a contribution of any size, to fuel my people-powered campaign and send a clear message that we are fighting against corporate values, and for human values!

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The conditions are set for the political revolution in 2018, I hope you will join me in making it happen! Thank you.