Organize to Win!

Thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown as I have traveled the state, sharing the Richmond Progressive Alliance model and encouraging others to do it as well. As we begin signature gathering and canvassing to win the Lt. Governor’s Office, I hope you will become involved as a local leader. 

Volunteer ToolkitCollect Signatures for Gayle

We are beginning a bold new phase of this people’s campaign for California – and I need your help!

The only way Corporate-Free Progressive campaigns can win is through a movement of the people! Click the link above to access my campaign volunteer toolkit. There you will find outlines, instructions, and trainings to support our efforts.

Our most immediate goal is to gather 20,000 signatures by 1/22/18 as an organizing effort to get my name on the Lt. Governor ballot and avoid paying a costly filing fee. Click on “Collect Signatures for Gayle” above to join us in our petition campaign! And look out for opportunities to join other groups canvassing at local events, including upcoming MLK celebrations and Women’s Marches.

We also are forming local Gayle for CA (G4CA) clubs, separate from or as part of other progressive groups. If you can be a Club Coordinator to organize the efforts of other local volunteers, please let us know!

For others without the time to take on this responsibility, or not able to create formal clubs, we still see you as Local Leaders offering talents and resources, spreading the word and bringing others into our movement.

If we did it in Richmond, under the money might of the Chevron refinery, it can be done anywhere and everywhere.